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Contents of this Document


General Information

Each page on this server looks like this help page. See also the sample page. A button bar is installed for quick references as well as search and help support. It consists of a list of clickable symbols (buttons) which perfom several actions. See the Symbols and Buttons section of this document for more information. In the help page all buttons of the button bar are present but some of them perform the same action or are references to the help page itself.
Long documents have a Table of Contents with references to the sections of the document. You can use this clickable references or you use the pull up and pull down feature of your browser. (It depends on your browser and net facilities which way is the best for you.)
The content of the document can be divided into several sections which are given in the Table of Contents. Short documents do not have sections. It's also likely that Home Pages have no sections because they do not really support you with low level information and are only for better navigation. If you want to know more about the hierarchy of the documents, Home Pages, levels etc. see the Navigation Section in this document.
There are some special sections in the documents:


Symbols and Buttons

Here is a list of symbols and buttons used at this server:

System's Home

the WWW-Server's Home

Document's Home

Previous Document

Next Document

Search Utility

Help Page

the FTP Server

the User of the System

The Raman-Logo

GrazAbout the town Graz

kfulogoThe Karl Franzens University's Home

FacultyFachgruppe Physik (Faculty)

?Informations for students

If these symbols are clickable (buttons) they give you a link!


Navigation Information

The hierarchy of the documents is built up like a directory tree. The highest level is the root level of the server (Server's Home Page). On this server are several server levels depending on your entry point. The system's home is the highest level (entry point for local users). Next level is "the WWW-Raman-Server's" home (the general entry point). In the corresponding Help Page your actual level is displayed below the button bar. To each level a home page exists which is called document's home page for all the documents on the same level. For the symbols used for the several home pages see the Symbols and Buttons section.
Hypertext enables the possibility to make references to other documents independent of any hierarchy. Therefore, you have not to care about the actual hierarchy if you are not performing a search. See the How to perform a Search section for more details. Links independent of hierarchy are established anywhere in the document by clickable words or symbols in the text, in the Link or Return section or at the button bar.
Two special links are the "previous page" and the "next page" which give a logical chain of documents. At home pages these links can move you up and down the levels. In documents you can go forward or backward the logical chain.


How to perform a search

A search utility has been installed on this server. The search does not use keywords of the documents but searches specific files for specific strings. This search method has the advantage of less disk space (no keyword files) and that the user can determine any string he wants. On the other hand this kind of search can be rather time consuming because each search has to be performed on-line through all documents.
The search starts at the level of your actual document and does only look to files at the same or lower level. Be careful by using the search utility by looking for strings in files. If you do this at high document's level (e.g. system's home) and you have not appropriately restricted your filenames you will run out of time. If you want to find information which you think is characterized by the occurance of a specific string like 'abc' you should perform first a search for the Home pages of documents containing such a string. If 'ABCD' is a SUBJECT name for your keyword start your search first at high level with the two keywords: index.html 'ABCD'. The result of this search will give you all Home Pages (index.html) with the subject 'ABCD'. In the next step go to one of these Home Pages (you can click the search result) and search for document files (*.html) containing string 'abc'.
For your search you can give two keywords: 1. the filename; 2. the search string. You can also give only the filename if you only want to search for specific files (fastest method). For filenames you can use wildcards as usual in unix.


Link Section

In this Section additional links of the document are given.


Return Section

The returns of the document are given in this section. The symbols as defined in the Symbols and Buttons section are used. Not all return buttons are activ in any document. In the help page all possible returns on this server are listed but not all are activ.

Return to System's Home Page

Return to the WWW-Raman Server

Return to Document's Home (the same as System's home)

Goto previous page (the same as System's home)

Goto Next Page (not activ)

Goto Help Page (not activ)


Search for specific documents

Here you can search for specific files public on this WWW-Server and lower in hierarchy than this document. Please consider that the time of your search depends how many files have to be looked through. It is much faster to look only for filenames than for strings in the files. Make the search as specific as possible to avoid stupid things as searching for strings in *.gif files.